Saving Your Smile: Halitosis Protection

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Halitosis can arise due to numerous ailments. In some situations, halitosis may be as simple as foul odors being caused by the foods you eat or could be linked to an underlying illness within your mouth or even your body. In many cases, masking bad breath only temporarily masks it. Instead, you must eliminate the oral health problem that is causing it. Here are some other facts regarding halitosis:

– To lower the risk associated with halitosis, it is important to always rinse out your mouth and treat any underlying conditions that may be present.

– If you have poor oral hygiene and are not cleaning your mouth effectively, you will be at an increased risk for bad breath.

– Several foods you consume, including garlic and onions as well as drinks such as coffee, can increase your risk for bad breath.

– Smoking and chewing tobacco have been shown to cause bad breath.

– If you are suffering from dry mouth, your mouth will produce less saliva and put you at an increased risk for symptoms of bad breath.

– Several underlying ailments in your body can increase the risk of bad breath, including liver and kidney issues as well as respiratory tract infections.

– Plaque build-up is a known cause of bad breath.

No matter which decision for your halitosis care you choose, Dr. Tommy Rose and our team at Moundridge Dental will make sure that you receive the care and support your smile requires. If you would like to come stop by our dentist office in Moundridge, Kansas, please schedule an appointment at 620-345-2100.