Mouth Guards: Do You Know How to Clean Them?

Do you use mouth guards when playing sports? Does your mouth guard get stuffed into your bag after your game? If so, you may be allowing bacteria, fungi or yeast to form on your guard. Taking care of this piece of safety equipment isn’t difficult, and we’d like to help you learn how today. Using water to rinse your mouth... read more »

The Links Between Your Oral Health and Bruxism

In order to improve and enhance your smile, it is important to make sure that not only do you practice effective oral hygiene routines, but you keep your smile safe from all physical dangers as well. In some cases, dangers can even come from yourself. One of the most common self-inflicted risks that can arise and negatively affect a person's... read more »

Are You Ready to Give up Tobacco for a Healthier Smile?

Are you a smoker? Have you been wanting to quit? If so, there is no time like the present. Your lungs, body, and smile will all benefit from your victory over this addictive habit. This is because smoking directly affects your oral health. For example, it lowers blood flow to the gums and reduces vitamin C absorption. Gum tissues need... read more »