Try a Dental Bridge for Smile Restorations

Have you considered a dental bridge for your smile restoration? If not, perhaps you should! If you have lost teeth or would like to fill in the gaps between your teeth, then a dental bridge could be the ideal restoration option for you. Our dentists, Dr. Tommy Rose, offers dental bridge restorations to help your smile and restore your oral... read more »

What Causes Oral Lesions?

Your mouth is vulnerable to problems with the oral tissues, not just your teeth. Normally, oral sores go away within a week or two, but sometimes they don't. They can arise from bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, or disease, irritation from loose orthodontic wires or dentures, and even from a broken tooth or dental filling. What are the causes of... read more »

Are You Ready to Give up Tobacco for a Healthier Smile?

Are you a smoker? Have you been wanting to quit? If so, there is no time like the present. Your lungs, body, and smile will all benefit from your victory over this addictive habit. This is because smoking directly affects your oral health. For example, it lowers blood flow to the gums and reduces vitamin C absorption. Gum tissues need... read more »