The Denture Process Step by Step

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When your permanent teeth are lost to injury or a harmful dental condition, they need to be replaced or else they can impede your speech and ability to chew, as well as alter the appearance of your facial shape. Moundridge Dental offers customized dentures to help you enjoy a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Here you can review the process of how dentures are made and how they can improve your smile.

Our dentists will provide denture types based on your tooth replacement needs, such as partial and complete models. Partial dentures can be placed among healthy teeth so that you can still maintain your natural smile, but you can also receive complete dentures if all of your teeth have been lost or extracted.

Rest assured your dentures can be customized to look like your natural smile, as we take detailed impressions of its shape, measurements and appearance, including the jaw are. From the impressions, we can create highly accurate models to replicate the specified fit and color of your teeth for the dentures. After your final dentures are cast, we can make adjustments if needed to ensure your dentures are pristine and can serve you for several years.

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