What Causes Oral Lesions?

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Your mouth is vulnerable to problems with the oral tissues, not just your teeth. Normally, oral sores go away within a week or two, but sometimes they don’t. They can arise from bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, or disease, irritation from loose orthodontic wires or dentures, and even from a broken tooth or dental filling.

What are the causes of sores in your mouth? Four common causes include:

1-Canker sores: These are white or yellow in the middle outlined by a red border. You can spot these on your tongue, inside your cheeks, on your lips, throat, or gumline. Thankfully, these sores aren’t contagious.

2-Cold sores: These are often seen on the outside of the mouth. This contagious cluster of red blisters can appear around your lips, under your chin, or under the nose.

3-Candidiasis: Commonly called “thrush”, these white spots are a fungal infection that develops because of yeast overgrowth. You may see them on your tongue and in the mouth, and can often accompany a sore throat which makes it hard to swallow.

4-Tooth abscess: This is a bacterial infection centered in the nerve of a damaged tooth. Unfortunately, this can bring with it toothache pain, hot and cold tooth sensitivity, and swollen lymph nodes.

If you currently have an oral sore that has been around longer than 10 days, we invite you to have our dentist take a look. Our Moundridge Dental team in Moundridge, Kansas is happy to schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Tommy Rose. Give us a call at 620-345-2100 and find the relief you need!