What to Know About Your Dental Bridge Options

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The loss of one or more teeth impacts your smile in many ways, from its cosmetic appearance to the stability of your oral health. We are pleased to help you restore your lost teeth with customized dental restorations such as dental implants or dentures. You may find that the types of dental bridges available offer the stable tooth replacement your smile needs.

If you have missing teeth, contact Moundridge Dental as soon as possible for restorative dental care to prevent the tooth gaps from causing further oral health complications such as a bad bite, TMJ disorder, drifting teeth or gum disease.

Our dentists is happy to offer a customized dental bridge tailored to your specific dental needs. The most common option is a traditional dental bridge, which uses one to three pontics (artificial teeth) to span the tooth gap between two dental crowns. The purpose of the crowns is to stabilize the bridge by serving as anchors on either side. If you have only one tooth to anchor the bridge, you may receive a cantilever bridge instead. Additionally, the placement of a bonded bridge requires less preparation.

Typically, placing a dental bridge requires two different visits to Moundridge Dental. First, we prepare the surrounding natural teeth to be abutments for the dental crowns, and then the dental bridge is cement to your smile.

Feel free to give our team a call at 620-345-2100 today if you would like to learn more about dental bridges in Moundridge, Kansas, by speaking with Dr. Tommy Rose.